Flying M styles 2013

 Monochrome, shot at night.


 So, this blog has been dead. I've been studying more than I've been working, and I haven't slept right in a few months.

 I'm uploading paintings to a tumblr account now, heavy on the images, light on the words. I tend to associate an artist's insecurity with the amount of drivel they have to type.

 I'll upload  one or two per day, depending on how much time my life at home permits.
check it out here.


Oil study on wood.



New show in April

 My show on display through April at the Flying M will consist of oil paintings and some textural works. The faux metal pieces are based on the bright color and deterioration of enamel on metal left out in the weather, inspired by construction machinery, freight trains, and an old wheelbarrow sitting in my driveway.


Give Owlright's Pluhnk EP a listen.


Art Deck-O 2


Art deck-o benefit

My contribution.
I might touch it up a little, but I think its about done.
I'll post the flyer when I manage to dig it up.


1 hour each.