Misspelled book

 I came home to this little gem today.
 I've been digging through this book with my kid, seeing which letters he can decipher, which ones he can't so I can show him how the letters form and skew. Surprisingly, I didn't have to help much. I think maybe reading graffiti comes easier to a four year old than it does most adults. Maybe because he hasn't had the structure of the alphabet pounded into his head yet. Theres a certain amount of unlearning required to be able read and write this stuff.
 Anyway, enough about how awesome my kid is, and more about how awesome this book is.
Its really fucking awesome. All the images are crisp, rich in color, well arranged. Lots of preliminary drawings and napkin doodles tucked in here and there. Even a shot of one of the pieces splashed by some punk kid, which made me a little sad, but I guess thats the nature of the beast.

 My only gripe is that this book isn't hardcover, and I know I'm going to be giving it a lot of wear. Fuck it, maybe I'll order another to keep crisp.

I don't even know this guy and I'm plugging his book, I like it that much.
I found my copy here.