So I quit smoking, again, a little over two months ago. I desperately needed something to fixate on. Customizing action figures seemed like a healthy choice, aside from the effect acetone has on my brain when stripping the original paint jobs.

This particular figure is Canti, from Gainax's FLCL, otherwise known as Fool Cool, or Fooly Cooly. If you aren't familiar with Gainax, check out Neon Genesis, Gurren Lagann, or Gunbuster 2. Though my personal favorite is FLCL, its only six episodes of mind blowing animation, so its not that big an investment for those of you that think you're too old for cartoons.
Anyway, I couldn't justify paying the $100 or so dollars for the red or dormant modes. I saw some pretty lame limited artist's editions floating around the internet and managed to snag one for $20 from someone that didn't think they were holding a bar of plastic gold.
I had plans for making him look old and rusty, but the dirty DIY ghost mode seems too cool to paint over. I'm on the fence about giving him a coat of GID paint.

When Canti isn't smashing the shit out of Medical Mechanica bots climbing out of the black hole that is 12 year old Naota's brain, he helps out with various chores and errands. Heres a shot of Canti assisting Early with his breakfast.