new merch!

After a very long wait, and a dire need for a site update, they are finally here!
Hand screened postcards. Everyone on my mailing list will be receiving one of these shortly. Thanks to everyone in the fan club for patiently waiting on these. It has been entirely too long.

If you would like to purchase the set, they, as well as a new 6x10 print are available through big cartel.
the packs are $12 shipped. or $10 if you head down to the Flying M gift shop and pick one up personally.
The posters are $12, shipped flat.

Speaking of Flying M, despite our design getting censored for inappropriate "subliminal" imagery, my friend Julia Green and I won the downtown Boise holiday window competition for our "Bad Habits & Good Times" display. We made hand screened postcards based on the design,

they will are also available at the Flying M.

Big thanks to Julia for collaborating with me on this project.

And speaking of Julia Green, we've booked a split show with our friends at the Visual Arts Collective this coming June/July. I'm pretty excited about this one. Hope to see you all there!